Sunday, 22 May 2011

Red Kite Yurts: Knochongorroch Festival - Red kite Yurts providing Accommodation

Red Kite Yurts: Knochongorroch Festival - Red kite Yurts providing Accommodation

Knockengorroch Festival - Red kite Yurts providing Accommodation

Red Kite Yurts will be providing luxury camping accommodation at Knockengorroch Festival this year. For the very reasonable sum of £375 you and up to five friends can stay in comfort at the festival in one of our beautifully hand crafted Yurts.

A typical Yurt will be 16 feet diameter and will accommodate up to five people. We will be providing a vinyl ground sheet and basic carpets in the Yurts, though no stoves I am afraid.

There are a small number of other sizes (both larger and smaller) so I am sure that we can provide something that is comfortable and within budgett.

If you are going to the festival and want to speak to someone about booking please contact Nathan on or call us directly on 01877 330 943. We would be very happy to speak to you.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Red Kite Yurts - The new Wedding & Event Venue Sensation

The Launch of Red Kite Yurts new 'Barn yurt' for weddings and events. We strive to create sensational spaces as an interesting, hand made, green alternative to traditional marquees. We have increasingly been providing hand crafted Yurts for the wedding, events and festival space as well as for glamping on prestigious campsites and at hotels. Please feel free to contact us for more information, to book or to see where you can meet up with us and see our Yurts in action at a wedding or event near you.
Outside view of 'Barn yurt' - A great Wedding & Events space

Red Kite Yurts have just finnished construction of their most ambitious project to date - the hand crafting of an elongated Yurt, specically designed with weddings and large events in mind. This was no mean feat as the structure of a traditional round Yurt is dependant on the tension band holding up the walls and that in turn holding up the rafters and crown.

We have already constructed a 42 foot diameter Yurt with double crown, but customers were still calling for a bigger structure to accommodate larger weddings of up to 250 people. It was not feasible to simply continue building outwards so we looked at the possibilities of building lengthways instead.

In order to construct this Yurt we had to entirely re-design the frame-work to enable the walls to stand straight without the tension band and to ensure that the rafters and elongated crown stayed in their correct position. This could only be achieved by putting supports down the centre of the Yurt so that instead of pushing outwards on the walls (normally held in place by the tension band) the weight of the roof structure put downward pressure on the walls.

The result is a fantastic structure with a high vaulted roof and all the charachteristics of a Yurt, while enabling us to realise a bigger structure without simply building in ever increasing circumferences.
Empty Wedding Yurt - Ready for guests

Wedding Yurt in all it's Glory

The 'Barn Yurt' went up for its first wedding last weekend and was a raoring success with the ceilidgh going on well into the night.

140 guests enjoyed the wedding banquet seated around six foot diameter tables which were cleared to allow room for dancing the night away.

Where can you see the brand new wedding 'Barn Yurt' in action?
  • May 16 - May 20 - Falkland Estate for a wedding (viewings by appointment only)
  • June 9 - June 14 - Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival in Doune, Perthshire
  • End of September - Callander Jazz Festival
If you would like to learn more about Red Kite Yurts please feel free to contact Nathan on